Rugby Equipment to Get Started with Rugby!

rugby equipment

Introduction to Rugby Gear

If you are new to the world of rugby, you might be wondering what type of rugby equipment is better suited for you. Because rugby is a very well-liked sport, there exists a massive demand for rugby clothes.

Great rugby clothing is made especially for the sport, and this helps to ensure that as a rugby player you’ve got everything you require to allow you to perform to your optimum level.

Different Types of Rugby Boots

As part of your rugby equipment, you will want to select a high-quality pair of rugby boots.

You might also notice that some rugby boots are different in the form that they offer metal and rubber studs.

In some situations, metal studs seem to be more suitable than rubber ones, and vice versa. There are numerous styles and brands of boots available to choose from available from good sports shops and online stores.

The rugby boots that you use will need the right kind of studs for the terrain you are playing on. The main differences are soft or hard toes and then the height of the ankle, low, mid or high – certain styles are more suitable to specific positions, and good retailers can advise you accordingly as can your team coach.

You will also need quality rugby socks. These are knee high socks which retailers fabricate from cotton, but more commonly made of nylon or polyester to be quick drying.

Rugby socks are often cushioned on the sole for added comfort. Your team will probably organise any special coloured or patterned socks as part of their match kit. Still, standard colours and hoops etc. are readily available from good rugby equipment suppliers.

Rugby Shorts, are they Essential?

Rugby shorts are a big part of your overall rugby wear. You will typically find shorts made of very durable materials, which can withstand harsh treatment while being breathable for added comfort.

Make sure you know your team’s primary colour before you buy any gear. Most are available in navy, black or white with other colours being specially placed on order as part of the match kit, usually supplied by via the club.

Where to get Rugby Shirts?

Rugby shirts are one of the first things you notice when two teams are competing. Most rugby clubs will organise the purchase of match rugby shirts for a team with individuals buying these from the club.

Some clubs also supply training wear while others leave that to the individual.

How to Purchase Rugby Gear for Training

If you are purchasing training wear, make sure that any rugby clothing you choose is of high quality and that its design is specifically made to withstand the strains of rugby.

Choose a well-known rugby specific brand as their styles will have been tried and tested and will be made with reinforced seams and durable fabrics which will last much longer than general training wear.

No matter the type of rugby equipment you choose, make sure that it is the best quality you can get. If you are paying top dollar, you will want your uniform and accessories to last for a long time and do the job that they are cut out to do.

Think about the level of rugby that you are playing at and buy rugby equipment according to your skills and the skills of the team you are playing against.

Just because a piece of gear is expensive does not mean its the best item out there, but also buying the cheapest available may turn out to be a false economy.

If you are part of a rugby club, then team coaches and specialist rugby equipment retailers can advise you of what you need now and what you may need as you progress in your game.

Rugby Gear and Equipment you Should Consider

It is essential to use appropriate mouth protection when playing rugby. A good quality rugby mouth piece or mouth guard is a crucial accessory to go with your rugby team wear.

Other rugby equipment includes extra protection such as scrum caps, shoulder pads, arm guards and shin pads.

Compression garments and baselayers can be helpful, and many rugby players wear a protective cup.

Rugby gloves or mitts are also common favourites as they can give extra grip on the ball.

Team Colours in the History of Rugby

Rugby is a game with a long history. Many are proud to play such a traditional game, and this can show through your rugby team wear. This is why you will have to buy your uniform following your team colours.

As mentioned above, the base clothing colours should symbolise the team you play for.

Shopping Online or Offline

You can buy all the necessary rugby equipment on sites such as Amazon, or even eBay if you are trying to find a little bargain. You can shop by brand or type of item to make your team wear buying very convenient.

If you prefer shopping offline, many speciality sports stores will have everything you need in stock. After all, sometimes it is best to try on speciality gear in stores to make sure it is the right fit for you.